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Expanding for oneness : the need.
Groups,chats,Social media, a single platform for like minded people to stay connected.
looking for opinions, comments, advice.
Searching for look alike.
The mass acceptance becomes reality.
What are we losing? – being unique.

Why join the mass, stay unique, be what you are, create your own world.



What we want is what we look for.

What we look for is what we need.

How can one decide on what he needs.

Developing a liking towards something.

What we need is what we like.

When we like something we want it.

When we are desperate it becomes a need.

We are not calm without it. 

Egos interfere.

Comparisons expand.

Self evaluation.

Sometimes satisfied or sometimes desperate.

Human mind a beautiful creation to think about.
Love yourself everyone is unique.


Human mind is such a magnificent creation.
Every step, every event is a learning process if we analyse. Ask yourself and train yourself to be positive which is all that you need to be happy and good around.
Count your blessings each and every time and have a gratitude filled heart.
After all spread positive thoughts and make this world a wonderful place to live on.

Passing on fear!

I come across feelings and thoughts and put up my views on it.
It may be right or notĀ  for few.
An incident struck a thought for myself.
Passing on fear.
Passing on emotions especially fear.
On a negative note, fear is also an emotion that would build the same onto someone who pass. The effect may be more or less depends on the perspective of the individual. Sometimes it happens that the person whom you pass it on do not even worry or care about it.
People who are emotionally weak take it worser and in turn makes the situationĀ  worser.
Never pass on negative thoughts to others.
But there is also that if you pass it on you would be relieved of the emotion yourself. Pass it onto someone whom you know would never care about it.
Stay happy make everyday beautiful.